Why Economics?

Throughout the two years of HL Economics, I hope to gain the knowledge of how the economy works in terms of businesses and marketing. I decided to take this class because I am interested in being involved in the marketing businesses. By taking HL Economics, I thought that I can get a decent understanding on what I need to know to be able to make a success in the future. The reason why I took HL instead of SL is because students who already took this course told me that HL is just an extension of the SL class – which also means that by taking HL, I can gain more out of economics.

Watch my voice thread here.

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4 Responses to Why Economics?

  1. If you are interested in business and marketing you have made a good decision in taking economics. Though there are a lot of other subject covered I am sure you will enjoy the course.

  2. Takaki S says:

    Mmmmmmm, good luck….

  3. 12konota says:

    I have read blogs where they talk about how their parents influences one. However, it is interesting and unique too see students who only decide off other students rather than to discuss with parents.

  4. Hannah says:

    Good luck for the next two years! Let’s suffer together! jk
    If you ever succeed in a business don’t forget to hit me up

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