China’s ranking as world’s No.2 economy built on population (via Serina’s Economics Blog)

I agree with what you’re saying in this blog, and it’s really interesting to know this because China’s population is so much more bigger than Japan’s which helps them to improve their economy faster. However, I still think that they have so much more areas in their economy to improve (such as the environment) and so Japan is not so behind in the bigger picture.

China's ranking as world's No.2 economy built on population Summary of Article From Wall Street Journal China has recently surpassed Japan into becoming world’s No.2 in the economy. The main reason why China is becoming one of the world’s economic power is because of the large population.  China’s population is estimated to be 1.3 billion people. This means, China has 11 times more people than Japan. China’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP)  is still just $US4300 ($4285). By looking at the GDP, Chi … Read More

via Serina’s Economics Blog

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