Reflection: AD/AS Formative

After doing my AD/AS formative assessment, I would give myself a score of 7 out of 10. This is because I was able to define key terms such as “inflation” and “aggregate demand”, and I put in two diagrams and got both of them right in explaining the short-run shifts and long-run shifts; however, I got messed up on parts about how the government could help in reducing this inflation (fiscal & monetary). Also, put some examples of what would cause the shift in AD and AS but did not do it for all. If I included those, I think that I would have received a higher score. For my summative assessment, I want to improve on including fiscal and monetary actions that the government could take into account, and I think that my explanations for the diagrams could be more succinct. To do this, I would have to work faster and more precisely to include everything I need to include in my explanation.

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2 Responses to Reflection: AD/AS Formative

  1. Peter Anthony says:

    A thorough and insightful reflection Kanako. There is always a lot to do in these questions to get the highest marks. I am sure you will do better next time.

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