The President’s Dilemma: Fiscal Policy

Task: Identifying how fiscal policy can be used to help unemployed workers like Joe Brezinski

One idea that may be used is to reduce business taxes, which will help the high decrease the national debt and help the unemployed get jobs as there well be more space for new workers to be hired. We would not want to mess with income taxes because they will not help the unemployed as they do not have any income. Not only taxes, but the government spending could be increased to help the unemployed.

This pie chart shows the current government spending of the United States. From these components of government spending, the government can maybe help the unemployed workers to get jobs by giving education to them so that they will be successful workers and companies would want to hire them. Such spending will not increase the debt, which is the problem that Maria Bautista, the Policy Analyst states.

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One Response to The President’s Dilemma: Fiscal Policy

  1. Peter Anthony says:

    If you reduce business taxes you will increase the deficit and then the debt which you have been asked not to do. If you provide education to unemployed workers where is the money coming from?

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