The President’s Dilemma: Reflection

I think that this group presentation was overall a really good preparation for the exam that we will take in a few weeks, because these kind of real world examples with particular situations are the type of questions that will often show up on the exam. I was in charge of being the speaker, and during the rehearsals I was doing fine but when it came to the real presentation it self, I became somewhat nervous because the place we were in was the conference room and the situation was fairly formal. Particularly during the question section, when H.M. Jorgensen asked how we need to focus more on the business side and asked how exactly we will help him, our group struggled a little because we did not know that we had to focus on the business side before the people. However, I think that our group was able to answer all questions thoroughly and so overall I am very pleased with our outcome. From this project, I was able to understand macroeconomics better with the use of a real world situation.

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One Response to The President’s Dilemma: Reflection

  1. Peter Anthony says:

    I agree that real world situations like this really help you learn and find out what you know and what you do not know. Considering the supply-side or the business dimension of an economy is always challenging as we are consumers before we are suppliers.
    Your group did very well.

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