Data Response E4.2

The Secrets of Cuban Medicine


1.Identify the indicators of development the article identifies as priorities for the Cuban government.

The quality of health care as well as how easy it is to access them.


2. Examine the evidence in the article that suggest the inhabitants of Cuba experience low livings standards.

The article states that “Cubans-living in poverty and cursing the delights of the socialist economy-stand jammed in lines at stores to exchange food stamps for groceries”, which already implies that Cubans are experiencing low living standards. In addition, the fact that “there is no gasoline in Cuba to fill the car up before heading off to work in the morning, and they don’t have meat for lunch everywhere, but at least the people are healthy” also adds on to the fact that Cubans do not have high living standards. Because they cannot afford to buy their own food, the government has to distribute it to them.


3. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages to the Cuban economy as a result of allocating resources to the health sector.

The advantages of allocating resources to the health sector would be that Cuba will be able to export medical goods to the United States, as the article states that “physicians from leading clinics in the united States come her in secret to acquaint themselves with Cuban experience and practices,” and “they illegally buy medications” that is ”produced nowhere else in the world”. Hence, if more medical goods are exported, the Cuban economy will develop.

The disadvantages of allocating resources to the health sector would be that too much allocation to the health sector would cause other sectors to not have proficient amounts of resources. An example is gasoline, as already the article stated that Cubans do not have enough gasoline to make their car work. Other factors could be education, food, or any other factors that makes up the economic development and growth of Cuba. However, because the government decides to allocate so much resources into the heath sector, we understand that they value the Cubans to be healthy, despite their poverty.

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One Response to Data Response E4.2

  1. Mr. Nguyen says:

    The US has a trade embargo against Cuba, thus, no legal importation of medicines could take place. But you are right that the country is sitting on an economic gem; however, the costs are great — perhaps too great. The question then, if you’re going to hit the higher marks, is to question the system by which allocation of resources by governments might be the problem.

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